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The jewel of SEL exhibition is our main centerpiece which is a cylindrical aquarium tank which holds up to 72,000 liters of salt water which hosts a jacket leg with fish and marine animals based on our local ecosystem which can be found under a rig. This enable us to see first hand how life thriving under the rig and the beauty of corals and colorful life around it.

Around the Aqualab there are also other types of ecosystem such as brackish water, coral and even a touch pond where visitors can touch our soft and friendly marine animals.

Life beneath the rig

The centre piece of Aqualab is the biggest aquarium in Brunei to date, with up to 72,000 liters of salt water. On top of that the centerpiece actually mimics the life beneath a platform.

Aqualab Touch Pond

Get up close and personal at the touch pond, where visitors will have hands-on experience with fish and invertebrates.

Aqualab ecosystem’s and marine animals

Aqualab also showcase different types of ecosystems and marine animals.