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International Science Drama Competition

The International Science Drama Competition (ISDC) is an annual competition that aims to promote science through drama, allowing participants to showcase their scientific knowledge with a dramatic flair.

The students will be  performing a 7 minute skit on a big stage with a large audience that comes all the way from Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and many more.

Being part of the competition, participants are given the creative freedom to express their talents while being trained by the Science Communicators. This helps enhance their creativity skills while also leveling up their science knowledge. The audience will be entertained with thought provoking science dramas, that will encourage them to learn more about the science that are performed.

International Science Drama Competition also pushes the participants to communicate with one another and build teamwork in order to present the very best performance. They are disciplined to be dedicated and hardworking in their journey to win the prize.

For students who are looking for a much bigger stage to showcase their talents and a huge challenge to test their capabilities, International Science Drama Competition Brunei welcomes you to be part of the team.

What is International Science Drama Competition?

International Science Drama Competition or ISDC in short, is an annual competition introduced by Singapore Science Center in 2016 with its sole aim to promote science through stage drama. Seria Energy Lab has been joining this competition since 2018.

When is the next International Science Drama Competition?

To be confirmed

Where will the next International Science Drama Competition be held?

To be confirmed

What is the theme for 2020 International Science Drama Competition?

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How do I participate for this competition?

To be confirmed

If I get selected, when will the practices start?

To be confirmed

What will you be provided with?

To be confirmed

Requirements needed to be part of the team?
  • Open to students of Year 7, Year 9 & 10 (in 2020)
  • Bruneian citizenship. (Yellow IC)
  • Valid passport.
  • No transportation issues in the duration of workshop.
  • Committed to the 4 days’ workshop.
  • Able to adapt on new things and challenges.
  • Friendly and cooperative.