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Science Show Competition


Seria Energy Lab (SEL) Science Show Competition is one of the iconic program owned by Oil and Gas Discovery Center (OGDC) which started back in 2015. It is a learning approach that demonstrates series of science experiments to an audience whereby performers will be sharing many interesting science facts paired with amazing performance! Besides creating spark in participants’ creativity, it also gives them the space to be innovative with their ideas. Improving science communication skills as well as to inspire the audience, this competition could be a driving factor to encourage people from all walks of life to know more and understand better about STEM education.


  • Stimulating creativity skills and innovative thinking through science communication.
  • Acts as a platform to inspire the youths to be more involved in edutainment and interactive science approach.
  • Gain one’s confidence by performing in front of different demographic age groups.

Themes for Science Show Competition 2021 are as follows:

Bon Appetit’
Science shows that emphasizes on the use of food

Infinity and Beyond
Focusing on the wonders of space, galaxies, the universe and rockets

Science Wizardry
A creative take on experiments for a magic show

Categories for Science Show Competition 2021:

  • Junior Category – opens to students aged 8 years old to 12 years old.
  • Open Category – opens to those aged 13 years old and above.
Mode of delivery


Group size

Junior Category: 2 performers per-team Open Category: 3 performers per-team


Feb 2021 – Dec 2021

Course Fee


Price: BND35


Price: BND45

For  more information about the competition, please download SEL Science Show Competition 2021 Handbook or contact us at +673 337-7200 or via email