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Future Energy

At our Future Energy zone, visitors will be exposed to how energy is affecting us and how we as users hold an important role in not only how to use energy efficiently but its impact to us. At this zone we will be highlighting the renewable energy mix and visitors can experience first hand how each energy can be used by  us in the future.

The highlight of the exhibits include the Our Earth exhibition where visitors can interact with different content which are projected on a globe projection. There are interactive games such as The Stress Nexus and Energy Quiz which can be enjoyed by multiple players.

Our earth

Sphere projection exhibit that allows us to track and playback real time data of our earth and old information such as age of seafloor, continental drift and even earthquakes.

Stress nexus

An interactive game, using the latest technology that uses limb detection AI, the game revolve around the food, water and energy systems which are tightly interlinked and are an important topic for us globally, the game challenges the players’ knowledge on the nexus and why it is important to us.

Conservation wall

A multi touch wall exhibit where visitors get to interact with different types of home appliances or devices and understand the amount of energy used.

Renewable Energy Exhibits

Explore the different types of renewable energy and understand how they work.