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Maker Space


Makerspace is a special place designed especially for younger children. This is where they do hands-on, engaging and fun mini-scale activities. These activities incorporates both basic engineering and arts and crafts together.


  • To intrigue and raise awareness of STEM education to the targeted audiences.
  • To practice the younger children with soft and hard skills.
  • Introduction to basic elements of science reasoning such as making theories, seeking evidences, testing predictions and conclusions.
  • Helping the younger children to understand better how the world works at an early stage of their lives.
Target audience

Primary Target: 2 - 8 Years Old / Secondary Target: Public

Mode of delivery

Hands-On Activities

Group size

15 - 20 People

Course fee

$4.00 per activity


45 minutes – 1 hour



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Stuck at home all day? Don’t let the pandemic take away your creativity! Seria Energy Lab would like to introduce ‘Makerspace Online’ for you to try out the activities from the comfort of your own home. Bringing you four activities on different themes every quarter to challenge your skills on STEM education and unlock the endless potential that you have to be a future scientist! Gather your family members around the dining table and enjoy our activities!

Pssst! We’re giving out 2 activities for FREE this quarter.

October, November and December Online Activities

Activity 1: Say Aloe To My Friend!

Work your way to be a future botanist by enjoy learning about plant’s life cycle and say aloe to your new friend! Observe each stages of the plant’s growth and perhaps record its progress for your fun little experiment at home?

Activity 2: Fruitful Discussion

Who says eating fruits is boring? We have a pear-fect plum for you! Gather all of your family members at the kitchen table and appreciate how healthy, nutritious and ap-peel-ing fruits are! Make your own fruit kebabs from various colorful fruits; red watermelon, greeny kiwi, purple grapes and sunny pineapple! Take some pictures and tag us @seriaenergylab to be featured.

Simply register yourself by click on the register button below. Tell your friends and share with us the outcome of your activities by tagging us on Instagram @seriaenergylab.