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Oil and Gas

The oil and gas zone covers the story of the origin of hydrocarbons, to exploration, processing and production including the latest technologies used by Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP). Here visitors will get to see real artifacts related to the industry such as rocks and minerals, drill bit and wellhead.

The exhibits comes with interactive videos, games and simulators such as the smart drilling challenge, swing transfer simulator and a helicopter simulator.

Hydrocarbon Fluorescence

Discover how rocks and minerals show their beautiful hydrocarbon characteristic when exposed under UV light. This technique is used to identify the presence of oil or hydrocarbon.

Smart drilling

Our immersive drilling exhibit with real time and drilling rate information will forever change how you visualize the drilling of oil.

Heli Simulator

Fly your own helicopter! This simulator based on our local flight path, field and helicopter model. Experience the different modes of flight to offshore and onshore.

Swing transfer

This exhibit allows you to experience yourself the challenge of moving safely from a vessel to an offshore platform, a simple yet critical routine activity for an offshore worker.