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Siuknya Sains

SEL very own outreach program to host SEL modular exhibits and science activities at school or special events.









Ever wondered how animals hear things? Or the differences between different matters? Even how building can withstand earthquakes. Our modular exhibit consists of themes such as the science of sound and sight, materials and forces suitable for students of all ages and levels to interact with. Our robust modular exhibit is designed to be educational, interactive, aims to raise interest and awareness to students in STEM.

DurationPriceThemeNo. of Pax
1 hour/theme-BND $40/ theme
-Halfday (3 hours) BND $35/theme
-Light and Sound
-Materials and Matter
No Limit

A combination of demonstration and performance, a science show showcase variety of science contents and themes combining the element of art and education. SEL science show consists of different science themes ranging from the science of fire, liquid nitrogen, chemistry and senses.

DurationPriceThemeNo. of Pax
30 – 45 minutes/show-BND $60/show
-BND $45/show
-BND $10/show
-Fire and Ice
-Professor Chroma Potion Class
-Sense My Senses
60 people/show

Our SEL Activities are sure to be a hit with children in preschool, elementary or even secondary. These activities are designed for children to explore exciting science and make new discoveries as well. Children will be able to build, investigate, experiment and open up their minds to a whole new world of science.

DurationPriceThemeNo. of Pax
30 – 45 minutes/show-BND 20/activity
-Primary – BND 3/pax
Secondary – BND 5/pax

-Tech Challenge
-Classroom Activity
20 – 30 pax/activity

SEL Tech Challenge
SEL Classroom Activities